Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Time

Now don't all fall over with shock - that this is an Easter post
and Easter just happened a mere 2 days ago........surprise!
Oh miss cheese scrunchy nose #6 shows her bounty of eggs - assisted by dear #1
The eldest sister #2 child fetching the eggs in the yard
I'm so glad this human is still young enough to think egg hunting is cool!
Miss #4 child also reaped a heap of plastic eggs treaties
Mr. #3 boy child poses so lovely as he gingerly gathers the plastic eggs of treatfulness
This little Easter egg hunter #5 had to wear her "Springiest" out fit she could find

The Vallecillos clan joined the Easter festivities - we enjoyed a delicious meal and good company!
All the humans after the egg gathering - cousins Diego & Gabi and uncle AB
Flashback to the coloring of the eggs. #3 helps with little sister #6. What a good brother!
All the girls coloring eggs -

The whole crew - color away my friends!
Smile my cutie babies!

Monday, April 2, 2012


Two of our lovely daughters celebrated birthdays at the end of the summer.
Our #4 chose a chocolate pudding cake - it's not beautiful but oh it is scrumptious!
Her V cousins joined in on the party!
Two of our lovely daughters celebrated birthdays at the end of the summer.
Both of them opted for swimming parties with inviting a couple of close friends.
Thanks for the use of the pool V grandparents!
#2 here with two of her lovely friends
Happy Birthday #2! You're getting way too grown up
Our dear Christensen friends were there to sing along!

Sunday, April 1, 2012


One of the fun events that I neglected publish into the blog was our trip to Flagstaff, Arizona to attend the baby blessing of my Sister S new baby girl. It was a SUPER weekend.

My parents flew in and they joined us in the mighty 15 passenger van Northward.
I had to include this picture just to show the good sports my parents are by sharing a room with 2 other adults and six children, including a two year old. That's love.
By the end of the day - our little ones where pooped. #5 was out~

Papa helping #5 to float on her back.
We had a fabulous time in the pool. Everyone got in the water- it was delightful!
Dinner with EVERYONE. Me holding #6 with #1 at my side.

We met Sister S, her spouse Uncle J and his family out for dinner!
Here the kids are bustling around Buckabu checking out new cousin A.
Cisco and #5 are happy to be there!
We (as in the adults) got a little crazy with the straw missile launching. Tee Hee!
#3 is thrilled and #4 hmm oh a bit on the sad side. I don't recall why....sorry dear girl.
Our little family outside the church house after the baby blessing. I love US!


I couldn't miss another Flash Back when I found these pictures had not been shared on the blog. Its the little things that sometime mean the most.

You know when you're with family - it's just FUN!
Sitting around the table in Buckabu and Papa's kitchen playing a little whatever - is just fun!
All these little humans just swingin' in the back yard - Is just fun!
Even the bigger cousins can have a good time just hanging around - in the back yard
And baskets are "loads" of fun
And you can never beat a "Hot Chocolate Tea Party" to ensure that you are having a lot of FUN!

Flash back - JULY 4th Family Reunion 2011

Family Reunions are the best!
I had to include some moments of the last Smith/Palmer Family Reunion 2011
We gathered in Idaho at Ivy Dale Camp Ground.
Cousins Stacy and Jake and their spouses planned out a family version of "minute to win it".
One of the teams included in the family games
#4 and I teaming up for a little balance the dice game, with #5 & #6 looking on
My girls chillin in the lodge with my Cousin Stacy's girls! Gotta love it!
Aunt Sid in the lodge with more lovely cousins
Buckabu - sitting court side with #5 and two of Mia and Molly

We laughed our heads off as we watched cisco and others sport
a nylon on their head to whack down water bottles!
Aunt Cherie entertained all with her shot at the water bottles
Our Aunts are the coolest - they even play basketball BUMP with the cousins
Cisco and Papa Gary serving up a some Rootbeer Floats for everyone
This is actually after the reunion but it's awfully cute - So I stuck it in. Auntie A with #5, #6 and cousin N.


As I was going through this blog I realized I had missed some very fun moments of 2011. It would be a tragedy not to have them included here, if only for us to enjoy. This next segment is when we were invited by Cisco's Bro. and his wife to their time share in Mexico for October Break. We only had about 2 days but - it was AMAZING!
-While there we ate YUMMY food - oh, the chili relleno was to die for!
Oh my little humans take such good care of each other!
Our kids and their dear cousins! We sure do love em'!
On the balcony of our room - which as you can see made for a FANTASTIC view!
The room was complete with master bedroom, monster couch/trundles which slept 5
and a kitchenette.
Little #6 and her Daddy


We all got together to celebrate the
the birth of Cisco's Dad - 2011
Most of his grandchildren were there to join in the festivities
We're missing you Vermont cousins -
Mima was heading up the gathering and singing for the group -

We celebrate this momentous day with you Papa Tito and know there are many more celebrations to come. Thank you for taking good care of everyone!
And one thing is for sure - even though you're 60, no one can call you old.