Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Time

Now don't all fall over with shock - that this is an Easter post
and Easter just happened a mere 2 days ago........surprise!
Oh miss cheese scrunchy nose #6 shows her bounty of eggs - assisted by dear #1
The eldest sister #2 child fetching the eggs in the yard
I'm so glad this human is still young enough to think egg hunting is cool!
Miss #4 child also reaped a heap of plastic eggs treaties
Mr. #3 boy child poses so lovely as he gingerly gathers the plastic eggs of treatfulness
This little Easter egg hunter #5 had to wear her "Springiest" out fit she could find

The Vallecillos clan joined the Easter festivities - we enjoyed a delicious meal and good company!
All the humans after the egg gathering - cousins Diego & Gabi and uncle AB
Flashback to the coloring of the eggs. #3 helps with little sister #6. What a good brother!
All the girls coloring eggs -

The whole crew - color away my friends!
Smile my cutie babies!

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Jill Oyler said...

Wow! I am not only impressed you posted this in 2 days, but that you dare color easter eggs at all. You are a wonderful mother and niece. I love you dearly.

The Domestic Goddess in Training said...

What cute kids! Way to post sister!